"Falling Star" Taisou

"Falling Star" Taisou (戴宗)

Taisou is the main character of the story who appears to be a young boy. He belongs to the rebel group Taiten-Gyoudou. Also known as the"Falling Star", he is one of the 108 stars of destiny described in the story. Extremely straight forward, Taisou follows his leader, Soukou, without any tact. He is lazy and does not like to be troubled with small things. He carries a huge sword that appears to be broken. However, his attacking style is not to cut things with its edge, but to move the sword at incredible speeds which induces large amounts of friction. This intense heat then "cuts" his enemies. He is very powerful, and the true extent of his star power has yet to be revealed.


Falling Star: He turns into a fire ball and runs while leaving gust of fire behind him as a trail.